Charcoal Mattress Protectors VS Copper Mattress Protectors

Charcoal in a mattress protector… sounds strange right? However, it actually has many benefits. The charcoal-infused surface aids in neutralising odours and has moisture-wicking benefits to keep you cool and dry. It is chemical-free and has proven to be an excellent choice for people with allergies as it has a dust mite barrier. Along with this, it’s fully waterproof and air porous, charcoal also keeps your bedsheets fresher for longer.

Our Copper mattress protector is very similar to the charcoal one however it is a ‘super conductor’ meaning it is more focused on regulating your temperature for a cool comfortable night’s sleep. The copper has anti-ageing properties and helps with joint relief. It provides odour neutralising benefits and moisture wicker benefits along with it naturally preventing the growth of bacteria. It is also fully waterproof and has a dust mite barrier.

These mattress protectors are a great way to prolong the life of your mattress, and both can be bought with a new mattress to qualify for our 30-night free comfort trial!

Top Tip – to get the full benefit of the protector you don’t need to put a sheet over the top!

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