Seasonal Turn Mattresses

At Sussex Beds, mattresses with our seasonal turn features are specially designed to give you the best possible nights sleep. Made using naturally breathable fillings on one side of your mattress, such as cotton, silk and cashmere. This side of your mattress will keep you as cool as possible during those hot summer nights. Once the seasons have changed and you turn your mattress, more insulting fibres such as wool, Mohair & Flax work to insulate you from the chilly winters nights.

Ensuring your mattress remains supportive and comfortable throughout its life, it is important to regularly turn and rotate your mattress. Your Harrington & Abbott mattress will come with a guide on when you should Turn & Rotate your mattress

Harrington & Abbott are world leaders in luxury sustainable comfort. We are driven by making mattresses which support healthy sleep and are kind to the environment too. From growing natural fibres on our own farm to developing our own recyclable spring technology, we only use the finest sustainable materials in our handmade beds. Since 1840 sleep has been our craft. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries to become the most sustainable bed manufacturer.

Just 18 miles from our Leeds factory is the Harrington & Abbott farm, a 300-acre farm where we breed the sheep and produce the crops that fill our mattresses. So, we don’t just make beds, we grow them. It doesn’t get more natural than that. Every mattress we craft is free from glue, FR chemicals and foam. We’re committed to this to ensure you receive a natural night’s sleep. Every mattress we make is designed with end of life in mind. We’re proud to be the industry leaders when it comes to sustainability.

Egyptian Cotton

a breathable, moisture wicking fibre making it a fantastic mattress filling


a fantastic strong & coarse fibre adding both support, comfort and longevity to your mattress


an incredibly absorbent fibre, drawing moisture away from the body, regulating temperature

Horse Hair

This long stranded Hair provides extra support so our softer fillings do not flatten or loose their opulence


A cruelty free alternative to silk is just as soft and gives a luxurious feel to our mattresses.

British Wool

a great insulator & a natural fire retardant, meaning no chemicals are used in your mattress.

Still too warm at night?

Each Harrington & Abbott mattress is made by hand, to order. If you find yourself getting hot in bed even in the depths of winter then for a small additional charge, your mattress can be made with cool fillings on both sides. So if you are a naturally hot sleeper you can take advantage of temperature regulating natural fillings all year round. Simply select the ‘Cool on both sides’ option when ordering your mattress.

For more information feel free to contact us at [email protected], call us on 03300 58300 or visit us in store.


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