How to clean a mattress

If your home is your castle then your mattress is your throne. We like to think about the mattress as the hero of our home (we all know what it's like if you don't sleep well, everything just seems so much harder). We spend a lot of money on a mattress, and it can be the most important product for our well-being in our home.

The mattresses in our home are so often overlooked in terms of maintenance, beyond changing the bedding (we all love the feel of the first night in fresh clean bedding.)

So how can we make that feeling last longer and prolong the life of our mattress? We spend a third of our life asleep and on our mattress, so we want to give it the same care we do the rest of our home.

For many of us, our bed is our happy place a space to wind down and recharge. Cleaning your mattress regularly will help reduce bacteria, dander (dead skin cells), dust and dust mites. Yikes right! You will be horrified to learn what's lurking underneath your mattress and in your happy place. Within one month your mattress could absorb over 30 litres of fluid and 60 million dead skin cells which would mean fungus and bacteria would form if not protected, so here are some tips to keep your happy place, fresh and long-lasting.


First a few preventative measures..

  1. Always use a waterproof mattress protector.
  2. Avoid eating and drinking in bed.
  3. Avoid letting pets on the bed.
  4. Change the bedding regularly preferably once a week or at least every fortnight.
  5. Air the mattress as much as possible. Do this by pulling back the duvet in the morning.
  6. Never hoover your mattress as this can displace the fillings.


How do I deep clean my mattress?

For that really deep clean feeling which will keep the mattress looking and feeling brand new and to help eliminate those pesky bed bugs I recommend using some additional products to keep your mattress in tip-top condition.

We have a fabulous Care Kit that contains four amazing products! Drum roll, please…

A dust mite inhibitor.

A fabric cleaner.

A grease and oil stain remover.

A fabric freshener and two microfiber cloths to clean stains without damaging the fabric.


On top of cleaning your sheets, pillowcases and protector weekly I would tackle any marks and new stains with a fabric cleaner and use the grease and oil stain remover for old or oil-based stains, the great thing is these can be used throughout the home. These work on sofas, and any fabric furniture! Bargain! They will help eliminate any spills from food, make-up, and midnight feasts. Simply spray on the stain allow it to do its thing for 5 minutes then gently rub the area with the microfibre cloth. Use as needed and allow the mattress or furniture to air dry.

Now that your mattress is stain-free and looking brand new, let's get those bed bugs eliminated and taken care of once and for all. So we are using a mattress protector and changing it when we change our bedding but to make sure that our mattress is completely unattractive to bed bugs I use a dust mite inhibitor spray which makes dander (dead skin cells) inedible to bed bugs. No free meal here… it also gets rid of unwanted bacteria. Use this when you change the bedding and allow the mattress to air dry.

Finally, I like to freshen my mattress up with a Fabric freshener. I use this every time I change the bedding. This helps to deodorise the mattress and get rid of any sweat and any pet odours from those late-night cuddles with your furry best friend. Now that your mattress is smelling fresh just allow it to air dry. Now let's not forget the most important addition to our bed the best supporting act… the pillows! So also spray on your pillows to keep them smelling fresh and new then simply allow everything to air dry before you put your clean pillowcases on.

And there you have it, you can take care of your mattress so it can continue taking care of you! If this has got you thinking about your old mattress you can browse our range of mattresses here!