“Help people sleep; sleep well; to experience quality sleep”

Our guarantee is to provide

“A Quality Night's Sleep”

Our name and brand are our guarantees that our customers will receive a quality night's sleep.

Our values are:


Morally accountable for one's behaviour.

Take ownership of  issues and challenges as they arrive

Ensuring customers are happy and enjoy their shopping experience

Acknowledging our mistakes and implementing learnings

Focussing on fixing the system or process when problem-solving & not attributing blame


Free of deceit, truthful and sincere.

Be honest with  yourself, taking ownership of strengths and weaknesses

With our customers at all times with advice & communication

With your team and colleagues in expressing our views and feelings

In providing constructive feedback


A person who plays or works well as a member of a team.

Engaging and offering friendship to everyone

Celebrating success humbly, providing kudos when deserved

Keeping to our commitments and promises

Practising fairness and consistency


Displaying kindness and concern for others.

Providing empathy and understanding to customers and colleagues

Listening and endeavouring to understand other's points of view

Providing time, kindness and compassion to anyone who needs it

Communicating politely, courteously and always with respect

100% Committed

Pledge or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated.

To the business, our purpose, our activities, our rules

Providing above and beyond service to our customers

Focus on self-improvement and self-development

Support and assist all colleagues, team members, customers and suppliers.