“Great Product, Great Service for a Great Nights Sleep”

We achieve “Great Product” by:

    • Sourcing, creating and designing product to meet needs and provide benefits, thereby improving sleep and health.
    • Providing coherent collections of beds and mattresses, from good to very best.
    • Providing flexible products with choices, allowing customers options to tailor and customise, meeting their needs and tastes.
    • Quality controlling our products to ensure consistency in manufacture and longevity.
    • Never sacrificing quality or specification for cost or price.

We achieve “Great Service” by:

    • Offering advice, which is honest and focussed on meeting the customer needs.
    • Providing information which educates and illustrates the benefits and features of products, meaning customers make informed choices.
    • Pricing products clearly and consistently. Discounts will always be honest and genuine.
    • Making the process easy and stress free by offering services aimed at removing fears and obstacles.
    • Providing after sales which will always be fair and strive for consistency.
    • Strive to exceed expectations, be flexible and accommodating whenever possible.
    • Being a great employer to all our family of employees by motivating, encouraging and providing a fulfilling, enjoyable working environment.

 Our mission is to provide “A Great Nights Sleep”

    • Our name and brand is the guarantee customers will receive a Great Product, Great Service providing a Great Nights Sleep.

Our values are:

  • Responsible

morally accountable for ones behaviour.

• Take ownership of tasks, actions, issues, challenges and see through to completion
• Focus on the why and how to improve or fix, don’t seek blame or look for excuses
• Self examine, review your actions and seek ways to improve and learn

  • Honest

free of deceit, truthful and sincere.

• Be upfront and honest with everyone including yourself
• Do what you say you will when you say you will
• Take ownership of your weaknesses or shortcomings, own up and learn
• Always be fair and consistent
• Feedback constructively as soon as possible

  • Teamship

a person who plays or works well as a member of a team.

• Engage with everyone, and show interest in both work and personal activities
• Listen, ask questions and offer constructive feedback if asked for
• Understanding your team (DISC) and flex your style accordingly
• Share and celebrate success humbly
• Provide help, assistance and support to everyone when required
• Focus on the system or process first when problem solving

  • Caring

displaying kindness and concern for others.

• Listen to both customer and colleague, views, thoughts and concerns with empathy and respect
• Communicate politely and courteously
• In times of need provide time, kindness and compassion
• Family values will always remain central, an environment where people come before profit


  • 100% Committed

Pledge or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated.

• Engage & be Interested in the business and its activities
• Provide flexibility and accommodation
• Go above and beyond to help customers & the business
• Proactive approach to improving & issue solving
• Embrace the mission and values of the business