landscape view of field with trees with blue sky
Rustic Country bedroom setting with zipped and linked bed with orange divan base and headboard - Sussex beds

Pure natural fillings and advanced technology for the ultimate sleeping experience.

A bed specifically tailored to your exact requirements is essential for a restful

nights sleep and your own personal sense of wellbeing.

For more than 100 years Harrington & Abbott have been making beds of the very

highest quality, using only the finest materials..

Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence coupled with innovative design and a unique pocket spring system

means that every bed we create offers you the ultimate sleeping experience.

small balls of natural materials wool, cotton, horse hair and cashmere - Sussex Beds

We pride ourselves on the 100% natural fillings used in our hand-made mattresses.

Each luxurious filling pad that is layered into a Harrington & Abbott bed is made from the finest natural fibres, some of which are grown on our very own farm.

More exotic materials such as cashmere and Egyptian cotton are carefully sourced to ensure their quality.

man adjusting settings on bed spring making machine - Sussex Beds

Spring Technology

Inside every bed there are several thousand miracles of engineering at work.

Benefitting from the most innovative technology in the world, a Harrington & Abbott

bed will adapt to your body's unique shape, regardless of your sleeping position.

Our Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system,

combined with our High Density (HD) pocket springs means all

mattresses offer unrivalled levels of comfort and support.

landscape view of field with trees with blue sky