Environmentally Friendly Eco Disposal Service

Disposing of your old items of furniture is not the easiest task. Generally large & bulky in size there are not many vehicles that can accommodate a double bed to take to the tip, and then there is the environmental impact of dumping them in landfill.

This is why we provide a full disposal service where we ensure your goods are recycled or reused for an additional cost of just £49.99 (per item), except when the Trade In offer is on.

The service includes full removal at the time of delivery. Your old items will then be processed & sent to a recycling centre of which 100% will be stripped & broken down to be recycled/re-used.

Our only ask is for your old items to be dismantled prior to arrival and ready for removal.

For hygiene reasons, our delivery team are not permitted to remove certain items. This would include items that are very badly soiled or wet to touch.

Once your mattress or bed has been collected, your products will be recycled or reused. This is so you can be 100% certain that you are doing your bit for the environment. We leave nothing to waste; springs, wood carcasses, and filling material are all recycled, and most of these parts go back into the furniture industry.

Sussex Beds™